Dolfino Adult Swim Mask and Snorkel (Blue)


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Snorkel underwater in comfort! The Dolfino Xcellence Swim set offers an enjoyable snorkeling experience for ages 12 and up. Comfortable snorkeling. The mask’s soft facial skirt and split head strap create a water-tight seal. Enhanced visibility. The dual-lens mask enhances your underwater view. Safe and durable set. Lenses are polycarbonate, impact-resistant. Breathe easily snorkeling. The snorkel’s built-in mask retainer, vent top, and purge valve ensure pleasant snorkeling experience. Swim set is latex-free, no skin irritation. Key Features: Dual Lens Adjustable, split strap Vent Top Purge Valve Polycarbonate lenses Quick-Adjust buckle, adjust strap for fit Angled-barrel snorkel with vent top Purge valve clears water from snorkel Latex-free mask and snorkel

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