Dollar Shave Club 6 Blade Bundle


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Dollar Shave Club’s razors were made with your skin and hair in mind, and as part of our mission to help guys look, feel, and smell their best. The Dollar Shave Club 6-Blade Razor Bundle with Shave Butter is here to provide the extra-close shave of your dreams. This bundle contains four replacement razor cartridges, each with six stainless-steel blades, a weighty, gripped handle, and Member-favorite Shave Butter. The 6-blade razor features a flexible razor head and a trimmer blade on the back to help you get to all those hard to reach places, like under a nose or the edge of a side burn. The handle is thoughtfully designed with a rubber grip to help prevent any unwanted slipping or sliding. Shave Butter is our cult-favorite shave aid: it’s translucent so you can see where you’re shaving, and it’s super-smooth for ultimate precision and maximum glide. These razors for men are best for those who shave daily or have short hair. Not into the color grey? You can get an identical shaving kit with a blue handle instead. Whatever you choose, our mission is simple: to make products that make your shaving routine as smooth as humanly possible. Dollar Shave Club 6-Blade Razor Bundle (Grey) with Shave Butter 1 Handle, 4 Cartridges, 3 oz Check out the Dollar Shave Club 6-blade bundle: You’ll get four replacement razor cartridges, a sturdy grey handle, and a 3oz tube of our Member-favorite Shave Butter. This dynamic shave duo contains six stainless-steel blades and a built-in trimmer blade. You’ll also get Shave Butter, which is translucent for extra shave precision and smoooooth for maximum glide. The 6-blade razor features a trimmer blade, flexible razor cartridges, and a weighty handle. Shave Butter is our alternative to shaving cream; it softens hair for peak comfort. Frequent shaver? This is the blade for you. Shaving shorter hair? The 6-blade razor has you covered. Want a blue handle instead? Check out our identical bundle, and get this dashing men’s shaving kit in your col

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