H R Tackle Sickle Tails (20 Pack), 3-1/2″, White/Pink


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3-D/2 inch sickle tails 20pk why/Pnk;the most versatile lure manufactured, your tackle box might as well be empty without a supply of these. Whether fished with a traditional jig head, or added to buck tail jigs, Spinners, spoons, top water lures, or spinner Baits, our unique profiles and tail designs perform like no others. The swimming action of our sickle tail’s thinner more active tail is unmatched. And the fish appreciate that. Our two tone sickle tails feature shelf stable, no-bleed colors. Haw River is proud to be have pioneered this technology, to produce new, exciting color combinations previously not available.; soft plastics ;h R tackle; white/Pink. 3 1/2 oz. ;There’s nothing like the fishing sport to calm your frazzled nerves or relax on a nice spring day.


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