Pandas Pencils – Valentine’s Day Cards, Pandas with Pencils, 16 Count x 2 — 32 count


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Buy them just for the Pencils, or Treat your friends and classmates to a little bit of Valentine’s Day magic and write them a kind note in one of these Way To Celebrate Pandas with Pencils Valentine’s Day Cards. Adorned with little panda friends in every detail, these panda and pencil valentines are the perfect way to share smiles, compassion, and generosity with those around you. The adorable little pandas are seen in different poses, so you can best match their personalities with your friends, and conveniently attach each one to a coordinating pencil. Just write a few kind words on the panda to share with your valentine, slide it onto the pencil, and tuck it away inside their valentine mailbox for them to open and enjoy. It’s easy to make someone’s Valentine’s Day brighter when you hand them a Panda Pencil with their Valentine’s Day Card.

Pandas with Pencils, Valentine’s Day Cards,  16 Count x 2 32 count

Panda Pencils

Panda Pencils

  • Pack of 16 Valentine’s Day cards
  • Valentines feature adorable little pandas in 3 different poses
  • Each of the 16 cards includes a pencil to match
  • Perfect for school Valentine’s Day celebrations
  • Friends and classmates will love writing and drawing with their cute panda pencils


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